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Jennifer Westfeldt before and after plastic surgery scandals – A Myth behind her fabulous look

Jennifer Westfeldt was born on February 2, 1970. She is best known as an American actress as well as screenwriter for her hit in 2001 entitled Independent film Kissing Jessica Stein. Her 2004 achievement, Tony nomination for Wonderful Town and her film in 2012, Friends with Kids. Jennifer Westfeldt has been greatly considered as one of the most beautiful actresses in the United States. Just like what happened to most American artists, Jennifer Westfeldt life was not free from scandals. Once it was rumored that she had undergone plastic surgery. Jennifer Westfeldt plastic surgery scandals are still buzzing on the media. The rumors were first spread as she was spotted with some changes in her appearance, particularly on her face. Public considered that she was too much obsessed with the knife work that she eventually decided to have undergone the surgical procedure. Let’s explore some of the differences that she had after the plastic surgery. This issues can be well addressed by looking at Jennifer Westfeldt before and after plastic surgery photo.

She indeed had the youthful look

No one would reject to have a youthful look. People would be really tempted to have that kind of look as it can boost them to keep anything they have remained intact. When talking about American actress taking plastic surgery. One of the most glaring reasons why they would ever consider having the knife work is that they want to stay at the top of their career. And plastic surgery can be the best solution to their quandary. No matter how much the knife work would cost them, they will have the surgery anyway. In the case of Jennifer Westfeldt plastic surgery scandals, you would see that she indeed has a youthful look. This look has led to the emergence of her rumor taking the botox injections. This particular injection has been recognized as the most popular injection among artists as this can get them the fountain of youth look. This is due to the fact that the injection can get them to stay so young by making the facial muscle tense. The other change that you can easily spot on her face is that her face today seems much plumper and fresher. However, this look apparently has gone wrong to some extent. People who saw her picture after the plastic surgery would find it difficult to recognize her since her face has changed a lot after the surgery.

Another Hollywood fake diva?

Most people would agree that Jennifer Westfeldt is so beautiful. But this natural beauty has been tainted by her rumors which claimed that she had undergone the plastic surgery. With all the fame and popularity she gained, lots of rumors are so highly related to her. Jennifer Westfeldt rumors have been so massively exposed on media. With the existence of her before and after plastic surgery photo, people were so curious about the other changes she had through the plastic surgery. Perhaps, there is, in fact, another change that she had after the surgery. As what is posed in the Jennifer Westfield plastic surgery photos, you can see that she has different eyes. In the former picture, you would notice that she has eyes which are wide open, a  natural look that makes her so sparkling. Yet, that natural eyes have been abolished by the eyelid surgery. Her eyes today appear much slimmer in that she looks like a Chinese.Can you spot the other differences in Jennifer plastic surgery?