Did Christina Aguilera Have Plastic Surgery?

During her early years of career, Aguilera started to gain public recognition for her appearance in the TV series Star Search and The Mickey Mouse Club. In 1999 made her breakthrough debut in a musical career by releasing her self-titled album which placed at number one on the U.S. Billboard 200 and spawned the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 number-one singles. Her fourth studio album, Stripped, which released in 2002, draws influences from a variety of genres including soul, hip hop, Latin, and rock. She also got a Grammy Award for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance of the single Beautiful. Aguilera’s fifth album, Back to Basics, was released in 2006 and incorporated elements of 1920s-1940s blues, soul and jazz music. It debuted atop the record charts of thirteen nations and yielded a Grammy Award for the single Ain’t No Other Man. Unfortunately, the sixth studio album entitled Bionic which released in 2010was failed to match the chart impact and sales of her previous albums. Aguilera had made several television performances recently include became an original coach on the U.S. television series The Voice and had appeared in four of its seven seasons. During her career as a singer, Aguilera has established herself as a pop icon, and she has earned numerous awards including four Grammy Awards, one Latin Grammy Award and a star on the Hollywood Hall of Fame. Rolling Stone ranked her at number 58 on its list of the 100 Greatest Singers of All Time, becoming the youngest singer to appear on the list. While Billboard recognized her as the twentieth most successful artist of the 2000s.

Christina Aguilera before and after plastic surgery – Saving Her Career

No one can deny the performance of Christina Aguilera with her greatly capable voice. Meanwhile, some people believe that the great appearance of the singer is not natural, but it is the result of plastic surgery. While her career as a singer is not as bright as in the previous years, it seems that the singer needs some help to get it back. And it is believed that Christina Aguilera had conducted in order to keep media’s attention towards her. Observed from the images of Christina Aguilera, there are some slight changes in her facial features. Christina Aguilera is believed to include a nose job. She had a quite flat bridge which seemed to trouble her as an entertainer who is supposed to show great look in front of the camera. And Rhinoplasty has given her much benefit since plastic surgery shows more refined nasal feature with pointier tip and reformed bridge. In addition to the better nose, it is also believed that the look of her lips is the result of plastic surgery, which is a lip injection procedure. With what she gets following the procedure she looks sexier with thicker and fuller lips compare to her before plastic surgery.

Bigger Breasts for Rising Career

As an addition to some procedures in the face to enhance her beauty, Christina Aguilera also covers work for the singer’s breasts. In this case, the comparison of before and after plastic surgery is so obvious, how the surgery had given her much bigger size and fuller look into her breasts. It may be taken by the singer in order to enhance her look and get back the fame she had got in the previous years. Hopefully, the result of plastic surgery not only make her more famous but also enable her to get back all of the confident she had before to produce good music for her fans.