The Myth behind Joan Jett’s Beauty

It has been widely known that having a greatly fabulous look is what everyone desires. This is even, at a greater extent, true for those working in the movie or music industry. In the realm of American movie industry, having a greatly sparkling look is the key to gaining fame and success. Due to this perception, lots of things have been done by artists to get the look they want the most. One of many ways that they do to do so is by undergoing plastic surgery. There have been lots of issues about artists taking plastic surgery. It is without a question obvious that the issues around artists taking plastic surgery are so omnipresent in the United States as the plastic surgery is so widely renowned to be speculated on artists. One of many American artists that were allegedly underwent plastic surgery is Joan Jett. Joan Jett was born on September 22, 1958. Joan Jett has been very well known as American singer, rock guitarist, song writer, occasional actress, and producer. She has achieved a lot in her career. Joan Jett is best known for her work with Joan Jett and the Blackhearts. By collaborating with the band, she gained the best nomination in the Billboard Hot 100 from March to May in 1982. Some of her majestic art works were Light of Day, Do You WanaToch Me, I Hate Myself for Loving You, and Crimson and Clover. When talking about Joan Jett transformation, there are so many things that we can refer. The rumors about her plastic surgery transformation were corroborated by the existence of some photos in the internet. Let’s explore the difference she had through the rumored Joan Jett plastic surgery.

What she had changed after the surgery

Of course, lots of her fans went really curious about what she had changed after the knife work. Looking at Joan Jett before and after plastic surgery photos which were spread on the internet, we can clearly spot some difference in her appearance. In fact, there have been a number of versions of her plastic surgery rumors. First off, you can see that her cheeks have been much different. You can see that in the older photo Joan Jett has rather a thin cheek that you can almost see her cheek bone. However, this look is no longer there in the newer photo as you would see that her cheek has been made fatter and more filled. This look has caused the rumors about Joan Jett taking botox injections. The other rumors said that the musician had a face lift to get her facial muscle tense. As a result, you can hardly see any signs of aging on her face which was taken in in the 1990s. Her face still appears so fresh and youthful, far from being aged as most people at her age would. No one would deny that she did not have the surgery as the changes she had were so clearly salient.

Another fake American beauty?

Considering the career that she had throughout her life, it was, of course, obvious that there must have been so much pressure and demand to stay remarkable and fascinating. Due to that paradigm, lots of people assumed that the plastic surgery Joan had was due to the demands of her career. Some surgeons said that Joan Jett looks like she had several plastic surgeries done on her appearances such as botox injections and face lift. Dr. Paul S Nassif claimed that the actress has a nose job as well that makes her nose appear much narrower particularly on her nasal bridge. Also, you can see that her tip of the nose has been made much more defined. Well, anything you can spot on Joan Jett plastic surgery?

Did Jenifer Esposito really have the knife work?

There are so many buzzes around artists taking plastic surgery. In the realm of Hollywood industry, there have been lots of artists that have been alleged to have undergone the plastic surgery. It is no doubt that they are so obsessed with the fake beauty since the knife work can get them fabulous change in just no time at all. For those working in the movie industry, having this particular cosmetic surgery is no longer taboo. In fact, this surgery is deemed as one of the most efficacious panaceas to looking perfect. No one would ever be able to resist the impact and outcome it may accrue. In the  United States, one of many artists that have been allegedly speculated to have undergone the plastic surgery is Jenifer Esposito. Jennifer Esposito was born on April 11, 1973. Jennifer Esposito has achieved a lot in her career. She is best known as an American dancer, actress, and model. She is best known for her fascinating role in the films, Summer of Sam, I Still Know What You Did Last Summer and Crash. In addition to her career trajectories in the movie industry, Jennifer Esposito also gained public notice and acclaim through her appearance in some television series such as Spin City, Blue Bloods, and The Looney tunes Show, Samantha Who? Once it was rumored that Jennifer Esposito had plastic surgery to gain a more incredible look. What was changed through her plastic surgery? Jennifer Esposito before and after plastic surgery photo will talk a lot about the issue.

What were the fabulous change she had

The rumors around Jennifer Esposito has been so booming in that they were one everyone’s lips at that time. Hundreds of websites then started to pose Jennifer Esposito plastic surgery photo. Let’s find the changes out through the photo. As what has been posed by the photo, there are indeed some glaring differences that you can see. First off, there have been some issues around Jennifer Esposito having botox and fillers. Most people argue that she looked better without the surgery. That can be true of course since she actually has a great body and sexy face. However, this natural beauty is then tainted by the rumors of her botox injection and filler. Jennifer is rumored to have undergone the botox injections to get rid of signs of aging. It is, of course, common for someone at her age to show some signs of aging which usually cover wrinkles, lines, and eye sagging. However, those looks surprisingly get vanished on her face. Therefore, people then assume that she had the filler. Also, you can see that her cheek has been different in that is has been much more filled, which indicates that she once had another dermal injection.

Were those a mere rumor?

At first, people would deny the rumors about Jennifer Esposito plastic surgery issues since they believe that she would never have done the surgery. However, when Jennifer Esposito before and after plastic surgery photos was spread on the internet, things have changed a lot. After the rumors got under the spot light, some other issues around Jenifer Esposito plastic surgery appeared. These issues claimed that her plastic surgery was not free from fallacy. This is due to the fact that she got burn marks on both sides of her face. Jennifer Esposito previously had bright skin. This is somehow changed after the surgery has been done since she got darker facial skin

Jennifer Westfeldt before and after plastic surgery scandals – A Myth behind her fabulous look

Jennifer Westfeldt was born on February 2, 1970. She is best known as an American actress as well as screenwriter for her hit in 2001 entitled Independent film Kissing Jessica Stein. Her 2004 achievement, Tony nomination for Wonderful Town and her film in 2012, Friends with Kids. Jennifer Westfeldt has been greatly considered as one of the most beautiful actresses in the United States. Just like what happened to most American artists, Jennifer Westfeldt life was not free from scandals. Once it was rumored that she had undergone plastic surgery. Jennifer Westfeldt plastic surgery scandals are still buzzing on the media. The rumors were first spread as she was spotted with some changes in her appearance, particularly on her face. Public considered that she was too much obsessed with the knife work that she eventually decided to have undergone the surgical procedure. Let’s explore some of the differences that she had after the plastic surgery. This issues can be well addressed by looking at Jennifer Westfeldt before and after plastic surgery photo.

She indeed had the youthful look

No one would reject to have a youthful look. People would be really tempted to have that kind of look as it can boost them to keep anything they have remained intact. When talking about American actress taking plastic surgery. One of the most glaring reasons why they would ever consider having the knife work is that they want to stay at the top of their career. And plastic surgery can be the best solution to their quandary. No matter how much the knife work would cost them, they will have the surgery anyway. In the case of Jennifer Westfeldt plastic surgery scandals, you would see that she indeed has a youthful look. This look has led to the emergence of her rumor taking the botox injections. This particular injection has been recognized as the most popular injection among artists as this can get them the fountain of youth look. This is due to the fact that the injection can get them to stay so young by making the facial muscle tense. The other change that you can easily spot on her face is that her face today seems much plumper and fresher. However, this look apparently has gone wrong to some extent. People who saw her picture after the plastic surgery would find it difficult to recognize her since her face has changed a lot after the surgery.

Another Hollywood fake diva?

Most people would agree that Jennifer Westfeldt is so beautiful. But this natural beauty has been tainted by her rumors which claimed that she had undergone the plastic surgery. With all the fame and popularity she gained, lots of rumors are so highly related to her. Jennifer Westfeldt rumors have been so massively exposed on media. With the existence of her before and after plastic surgery photo, people were so curious about the other changes she had through the plastic surgery. Perhaps, there is, in fact, another change that she had after the surgery. As what is posed in the Jennifer Westfield plastic surgery photos, you can see that she has different eyes. In the former picture, you would notice that she has eyes which are wide open, a  natural look that makes her so sparkling. Yet, that natural eyes have been abolished by the eyelid surgery. Her eyes today appear much slimmer in that she looks like a Chinese.Can you spot the other differences in Jennifer plastic surgery?

Young and Beautiful Jennie Garth – Was she another fake American diva?

Jennifer Eve Jennie Garth was born on April 3, 1972. Jennie Garth is best known as an American film director, actress, and model. She is best known for her major role as Kelly Taylor in the Beverly Hills 90210 franchise. Also, she gained lots public notice and acclaim as Valerie Tyler on sitcom What I Like About You. Last year, she also starred in her reality show of her own, Jennie Garth. There have been lots of news about Jennie Garth. Of course, it is without a doubt that she could get all those fame in as much as she has a really fascinating talent and fabulous look. No one would deny that she is one of the most beautiful actresses in the United States. With all the glares she has, Jennie’s life and career are apparently not free from rumors and speculations. One of the most shocking rumors about her is that she has been speculated to have undergone plastic surgery in order to get some beauty escalations. This rumor came as a total shock at that time. Indeed plastic surgery is best known as a surgical procedure that can get anyone a really massive change in a very short time. The other reason widely attributed to having plastic surgery is the youthful look it can accrue. Lots of artists are interested in having the knife work since it can make them stay young and fresh. So what has been done in Jennie Garth plastic surgery? Let’s find them out!

Was the allegation really true?

Most people would go really curious when hearing that their idol was alleged to have undergone plastic surgery. This was also true when talking about Jennie Garth scandals. In fact, there have been a lot of issues around the rumor. One of many commonly exposed rumors is that Jennie Garth had once botox injection. As you can see in Jennie Garth before and after plastic surgery photo, there are no signs of aging such as wrinkles, sagging, and lines. Most people then assume that she has had the injection due to that look. The other signs that also lead to the injection rumors are that her forehead remains so smooth and youthful, far from being aged. Botox injections have been extensively used by artists to get them the youthful look. And, as a senior artist, it is so apparent she Jennie also took the botox injections. What else then? Well, you can also see that she has different eyes. Prior to the plastic surgery issue, she has rather half closed eyes with a dreamy look. Nevertheless, this look is no longer there. Jennie today has wider eyes. This is another rumor about her plastic surgery which leads to her taking eyelid surgery. Even though artificial, Jennie has successfully boosted her beauty through the knife work.

The artists wanted to stay young and beautiful

Lots of people would be tempted to stay young and beautiful. This is even true to a greater extent for the artist since they would want to stay at the top of their career. And plastic surgery may be the best solution. Although lots of Jennie’s picture has been spread on the internet, none has been ever spotted about Jennie Garth before and after plastic surgery. Presumably, the rumors were only spread around her botox injections. This could be true since she already has a fascinating body. There is no reason that she needs to have another surgery on her body. Can you spot the other changes?


Jennifer Love Hewitt Plastic Surgery Scandals – The actress got obsessed with knife work beauty

Jennifer Love Hewitt was born on February 21, 1979. Jennifer has gained a lot on her career trajectories. She is best known as an American actress, author, producer, singer, song writer, and television director. Jennifer Love Hewitt began her career acting in television commercials and the Disney channel series Kids Incorporated. Jennifer greatly gained public notice and acclaim for her role in the Fox series Party of Five in 1995 to 2000 as Sarah Reeves. Hewitt starred on the CBS television program Ghost Whisperer from 2005 to 2010 as Melinda Gordon, for which she gained a Saturn Award in 2001 as well as Best Actress on the tube in 2008. The other movies she starred were The Client List from 2012 to 2013. She got nominated for Golden Globe Award for her pilot movie. There have been lots of buzz around Jennifer Hewitt life, and even ups and downs. Just like what happened to most artists, there are some rumors about Jennifer Love Hewitt. Once it was rumored that she had undergone plastic surgery to escalate her sexy look. People were surprisingly shocked by the rumors. The rumors about her plastic surgery truly came as a total shock to the people around her. Now let’s explore the issues around Jennifer Love Hewitt plastic surgery scandals.

What were the changes she had?

What did she change through the knife work? Certainly, there are lots of rumors about this question. The rumors about Jennifer plastic surgery has been greatly exposed to media as one of the most successful plastic surgery ever. No one would deny that she indeed looks beautiful both before and after the plastic surgery. People would still notice her natural and sexy look although some changes may be present. The first thing people talked about when rumoring her plastic surgery was her sexy breast. In the before and after plastic surgery photos, it is obvious that she has had the breast augmentation. Before the surgery, Jennifer had B cup size, which is so natural for someone with that body. Yet, this look is no longer there in the newer photo. After the surgery, she is rumored to have a C cup size. You would notice that Jennifer today has bigger and more lifted bra than she usually had. To some extent, people assume that the boob jobs have successfully escalated her beauty. People think that she looks much sexier in that boobs. Or, presumably, people would prefer to see Jennifer Love Hewitt with that bigger breast.

She indeed had another knife work on her body

Did she have another surgery? Well. This question can be easily addressed by the photos labeled as Jennifer Love Hewitt before and after plastic surgery scandals. Jennifer Love Hewitt was once rumored to have undergone a nose job. This can be seen in the photo. Based on isuwft.com, before the surgery, Jennifer has a bulbous nose rather. However, she turned to have a nicer nose which is slimmer and more pinched, a look that most people desire to have. With that nose, she certainly appears more beautiful and sparkling. This is why people consider Jennifer Love Hewitt plastic surgery as one of the most successful plastic surgery of all time. With those two injections, Jennifer Love Hewitt really looks so young and fresh, for someone at the age of forty. Somehow, people then assume that she had botox injections. Surgical procedures commonly will also make operative this injection since it can get people youthful and fresh look.